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Synology 2.3-1157 (2010-4-26)

Synology DiskStation DS209 Release Notes Version: DSM 2.3-1157 (2010/04/22) Change log (13886) Supported M3U Internet radio playlist in Audio Station. (14136) Enhanced the Amazon S3 secret key handling. (14113) Enhanced Synology Hybrid RAID’s volume expansion after volume degraded. (14097) Enhanced the log system by recording hard disk removal events. (14009) Enhanced the Surveillance Station live […]

Synology 2.3.1141 (2010-3-30)

Version: DSM 2.3-1141 (2010/03/19) Change log Enhanced the stability of Apache server. Enhanced the compatibility with Flash 9 in Photo Station. Limitation & Known Issues Refer to « Limitation & Known Issues for all versions » for other limitations. Téléchargement

Synology se met au 2.3-1139 (2010-3-8)

Version: DSM 2.3-1139 (2010/03/08) New Features New Volume Manager: The Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) simplifies the RAID setup, allowing the DiskStation to maximize the available storage of varying disk capacities yet with data protection. Experienced administrators may still use a manual option of creating a storage volume. RAID10, 3-way RAID 1 and 4-way RAID 1 […]